3D Intraoral Imaging with TomoD

Our 3D intraoral imaging system, TomoD, is a groundbreaking device that applies, for the first time, nanotechnology to 3D dental imaging. It addresses one of the major issues in dentistry today - the low detection capability of intraoral X-ray for cavities, the most common chronic dental disease. Our 3D intraoral system drastically improves cavity detection and visibility with zero increase in radiation dose to the patient compared to conventional intraoral X-ray. The system is also capable of diagnosing previously unseen teeth fractures with high resolution image reconstruction. With fast image acquisition and data processing, TomoD displays 3D images to the operator and patient in real-time. Using the same radiation dose as a conventional intraoral image, the full 3D reconstruction is capable of giving more diagnostic information while adding no additional risk to the patient. The TomoD system is set to revolutionize dental imaging.

The 3D intraoral imaging system is currently under development by Xintek Inc. in collaboration with the Dental School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. For more information regarding the system or the technology behind it please visit our subsidiary's website, XinVivo, Inc., at www.XinVivo.com.

3D Reconstruction of Dental Phantom