CNT X-ray Sources

The carbon nanotube (CNT) X-ray source was developed by our company. Utilizing a patented technology, we are able to create CNT based field emission cathodes. Replacing the thermionic cathode of a typical X-ray source with one of our field emission cathodes gives many added benefits to existing X-ray sources. These new X-ray sources require no heating of the cathode which allows for instantaneous turning on and off of the X-ray beam. This allows for fast image acquisition and physiological gating for medical applications. The CNT X-ray sources are also compact in design and can therefore be placed very close together which allows for creation of X-ray source arrays with unique geometries. Our subsidiary, XinRay Systems, has created multiple CNT based X-ray source arrays for a wide range of applications. More information on the CNT X-ray source array technology can be found at their website.